A Common Sense Conservative for Minnesota

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I will go to Washington to serve the constituents of the great state of Minnesota. This is not a career move, so I will not accept any pension, as there are many hard working Minnesotans that have no pensions in their career fields. Our founding fathers did not intend for politicians to make a career out of serving in office.

Term Limits

I believe in self-imposed term limits. My intent is to serve one term with a signed commitment to a two term maximum. I believe we are sent to represent our constituents and then should go back to the private sector and work under the laws we passed. 


Coming from the trades, I will bring a refreshing change of culture to the Senate. We have enough representation from lawyers, financial consultants, and lobbyists. I represent the average working-class men and woman who produce goods and services for a living. I believe that manufacturing and small businesses are the engines that drive our economy. I know first hand the daily struggles that small businesses face day in and day out. Members of Congress shouldn't receive health insurance benefits that are not available to all working-class Minnesotans. Members of Congress need to feel the pressures that average Minnesotans feel in order to help form their legislative positions. 


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