About Bob

Bob was born in Minneapolis and spent his childhood in Richfield, Minnesota. As a life long Minnesota resident Bob knows the issues Minnesota and its residents face.  

He attended both private and public schools, graduating from Richfield High School. With his diverse educational background, Bob knows the pros and cons of public versus private education.

Bob has worked in the private sector for the past 41 years along with average, working-class Minnesotans, so he knows the issues important to his constituents. Bob was an owner/operator of a small family business that has been in operation for more than 50 years. 

He is passionate about the issues that affect Minnesotans daily lives. Bob truly believes that a determined, united group of citizens can make a more significant difference in this country than the high paid lobbyists and special interest groups.

Bob hosts a local cable access show called Straight Talk in Hastings, Minnesota. He also started and hosted a cable access show called Inside Mental Health Issues to raise awareness of a national Bill in Congress named after former Senator Paul Wellstone, The Mental Health Parity Act.

Bob enjoys spending time with his family, friends, two adult children and grandchildren. He also loves working hard in his very rewarding career as a Dental Technician.