Events and Appearances

In a crowded back room, at the Rob Babcock VFW Post 5555, full of Patriots, tradesman Bob Anderson, St. Peter's Catholic Grade School and Richfield Spartan graduate and a US Senatorial candidate for the appointed seat Tina Smith is now holding, spoke.

His message was one of God, Family, Country…Teeth, for again, Bob is a tradesman. Something many of the Founding Fathers were as well. Paul Revere, Silversmith. Ben Franklin, writer and inventor. George Washington, Hemp Farmer. 

Something the State of Minnesota needs, a person with calloused hands. 

People who work with their hands know how to get things done…or they don't get done. Why? Because Bob is the guy who has to do the actual work. Let me say that again, Bob is the one who has to do the actual work.

Isn't that the kind of person you want representing you? 

Not the Establishment Suit, but someone who will ask the really tough questions…Why and How?

Bob talked passionately how to fix the MN Care and health care issues in Minnesota. His passion as you know is mental health, having suffered himself, again a man who knows how the work needs to be done.

Immigration, financial conservativism, and service to community are the basis of his life. And will be at the core of his campaign. Bob Anderson for Senate.


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